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History of Department

Undergraduate training of children's physicians in the Kiev Medical Institute began with the introduction in 1925 of specialization for Mother and Child on the 5th year of studying. In 1930 the Department for Mother and Child was organized, and in 1934 it was renamed for the Department of Pediatrics.
Since 1939, the teaching of the introductory course of pediatrics was started at the Kiev Medical Institute (KMI) by professor of pediatrics P.G. Eyvin.
Since the beginning of the war (1941-1945) Professor V.G. Balaban read the course of propedeutics of childhood diseases in the general course of pediatrics for medical faculty.
On the 15th of January, 1946 an independent chair of propedeutics of childhood diseases was organized in KMI. Its first head was Professor E.M. Khokhol. The clinical base was a children's therapeutical clinic of the Institute for Mother and Child (jointly with the Department of Pediatrics of the Kiev institute of advanced medicine).
In 1947-48, the Department organized a new clinical facilities for 100 beds in the hospital named after Kalinin.
In 1950, students-pediatricians went on a six-course studying, E.M. Khokhol became the superviser of the Department of Hospital Pediatrics, and the Department of Propedeutical Pediatrics was headed by docent O.S.Koshel-Pleskunova; the department moved to another clinical base - Children's Hospital of the Shevchenko district with a small bed fund (50 beds).
In 1959 a clinical base became a pediatric hospital of Leninsky district of Kyiv (90 beds) and out-patient department (600 visits per day). In 1960 laboratory building and auditorium were built.
Since November 1969, the department was headed by MD, Professor V.D. Chebotareva. In the period of reconstruction and repair of clinical hospital № 6 of Leninsky district in 1974-1979 clinical department became the children's department of clinical hospital №6 of “Medical Town” including 150 beds.
Since 1989, the chief medical of the Children’s Clinical Hospital №6 was appointed Ivakha M.M. Polyclinic was transferred to new building on the 43, Vladimirska street, so the department received new studying rooms.
In May 1990, the department was headed by MD, Professor Vitaly G. Maidannyk.
In 1994, due to changes in curriculum and the elimination of pediatric and preventive health departments, Department of Propedeutical Pediatrics was reorganized into the Department of Pediatrics № 4.
The Department of Pediatrics began teaching introductory pediatrics as well as faculty and hospital pediatrics.
The students of the medical faculty №3 began to study at this department.
In 1996 there began the enrollment on to the Faculty of Medicine, specializing in pediatrics, so actually the students of Pediatrics faculty study at the Department. Since 1998, students of Faculty of training physicians for the Armed Forces of Ukraine study at the Department of Pediatrics.