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Scientific activity

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The main research work of the department
- Arterial hypertension in children and adolescents
- Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Adolescents
- Clinical trials of drugs
- School disadaptation in children
- Enuresis
- Psychosomatic aspects of cardiovascular diseases in children
- Chronic and gastro esophageal reflux disease in children.

Research Department is aimed at addressing the most pressing issues of Clinical Pediatrics and is provided in close cooperation with scientific institutions of the National Academy of Sciences, Laboratories of agencies and institutions.
So together with the Institute of Physiology named after OO Bohomolets of NAS of Ukraine the role of genetic polymorphisms of different gene ensembles in the genesis of primary arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus type 1 and its complications was studied. Together with the Institute of Hydromechanics of NAS of Ukraine a computer system for phonospirographic diagnosis of respiratory diseases in children was developed, the effectiveness of the diagnostic method of monitoring treatment efficacy was evaluated.
Currently, the department carried out a search initiative-research work "To study the autonomic-endocrine and oxidative homeostasis in children with chronic somatic pathology and to develop methods of correction and research” on the order of Kyiv city state administration, “To develop and implement in the health care of Kyiv and correct the methods of prevention of complications of hypertension in adolescents ", several business and contract research aimed at studying the efficacy and safety of medicines and artificial food mixtures for infants.
There were developed and implemented the activities in health care "Method of diagnosis of pneumonia in children", "Method of treatment of hypertension in adolescents", "Method of diagnosing autonomic dysfunction in children”. Scientific development department presented at two international exhibitions "Medical Forum-2010", "Innovation and high technology”.
The department 19 students (3-6 year) are actively working in student science club. Students from the club under the guidance of teachers conduct research work, work in the laboratory of the Department and Institute of Sciences and Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Topics of research: "Immunotherapy and immunoprophylaxis in pediatric oncology", "Risk factors of conjugation jaundice in newborns," Minimal brain dysfunction in preschool children and its relationship with functional digestive disorders” and so on.